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Steam Engine KC-520

 The Toy train hauled by dated back 1903 , name KC-520 steam engine in Kalka - Shimla narrow gauge route , is very popular with tourists , specially among foreigners.
The KC-520 engine was built by North British Locomotive Company and bought  for Rs 30,000. In the year 1971 it was put out of service due to introduction of diesel locomotives. Again , in the year 2001 it was put in service for short trips between  Shimla  and Kathlighat for foreign tourists as well as for person of corporate sector at a cost of approx. Rs. 1 lakh for short trip for 25 passengers.

The steam engine was last time booked by foreigners in May 2007.
The British-era steam engine was recently repaired and restored in Amritsar in Punjab. The railways conducted its test run in December last year.

Most recently on 15th February'2013, the steam engine hauled troy train  has started plying short trips between Shimla and Kathlighat which is being handled by the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), a wing of the Indian Railways. According to railway officials, it will now run daily to and fro between the two stations and under the plan, any company or individual can hire a steam train comprising three coaches with a capacity to accommodate up to 50 people.


British era steam engine hauled train in 2013

The  22-km rail line located on the Shimla-Kalka is enlisted  in UNESCO World Heritage site list. 
After approximately six years, now tourists are once again able to enjoy travelling journey with the musical sound of  'chugg-chugg-choo-choo'  of the British-era steam engine.

On 15th February’2013, four charter coaches narrow gauge steam engine dates back to 1903, KC-520  , started  journey from Shimla Railway station  at about 10.40am and successfully reached Kathlighat, carrying 24 foreigner passengers  on board. 

According to Baba Bhalku rail museum in Shimla, the steam engine has been declared a heritage property by UNESCO.  The speciality of the engine is that it can runs on gradient of  1 in 33. After repairing in Amritsar , the engine ran a successful  trial on December 2012.  

Now this steam engine hauled train is being maintaining by an Indian Railway wing IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation). Under  IRCTC scheme, now any individual or company can hire this engine hauled train (three coaches with total capacity to accommodate  50 passengers) , free food is also supplied within this scheme.  

Some Interesting place around Shimla.

At about 1-45 pm I started by bus for NARKANDA. I was going through the Hindustan –Tibet road. It was only 68 km from Shimla. The entire route is going zigzag like snake. . Narkanda is situated at altitude of 8,100 feet and road going to Narkanda is almost at the top of the mountain by gradually climbing upward. One can enjoy alongside the view of the different valleys as the road twists and turns from one spur to another. The view of Narkanda from a small village name FAGU is really worthy seeing.. On the way to Narkanda found some tourist spots like Wild Flower Hall, Kufri, Fagu and at last reached Narkanda at about 18 hrs. in the evening.

The place is famous for peak name HATTU. From here one can reach to KINNAR KAILASH, SANGHLA which is located near Tibet. Tibet is approx. 150 /160 km from Narkanda. This day was very cloudy, so I could not enjoy much the surrounding picturesque sceneries. Himachal govt. rest house is located in beautiful place, only half km away from the bus stand. Though I had a mind to stay there but finally decided to stay at Hill Top Snow View Hotel. I found a assemese boy here who was the brother-in-law of the hotel owner. The boy name Mahanta settled here and married a Himachali girl. The boy was very happy to know that I was from Assam, began to speak in assemese language. Here in the hotel I met a English boy name Richard Travethich who was a trekker, trekked alone different places in Himachal Pradesh. We began to talk for a long time in this evening, answering curious questions regarding custom of our respective countries.

I got up at 7 o’clock in the morning, but one thing I found here in this hilly town that everybody is late riser. Going out I began to walk alone to enjoy the natural beauty in the nearby surrounding, but cloudy weather disappointed me. I could not find the view of “HATTU” peak from here. Enchanting picturesque view of countryside can be enjoyable from the HATTU peak. Height of HATTU is approx. 2,000 feet higher than Narkanda, and one can reach there just trekking one hour. The town of Narkanda is located on the ridge between the river Sutlej on the north river Giri. The town is also famous for its spots suitable for skiing. The region around the town is the orchard region where apple, cherry are grown abundantly.

In the morning after traveling here and there in the surrounding, came to bus stand to return back. In the bus stop I met a gentleman who told me many things , specially historical incidents & popularity of the place SHANGLA, KINNAUR & SAMODA. This Himachali man was very polite and helpful and mind was really cheered for a while having such a nice man in my lonely traveling.

I had a strong mind to visit SANGLA, So I collected necessary information before proceed.

SANGLA valley scatter over 40 km at a altitude of 2,700 meters above sea level, it is located very near to Tibet – only 30 km away from border. The road to SANGLA gradually descending till Rampur then ascending and the river Baspa is always accompanying with the journey. The road to Sangla is going through WANGTU and KARCHHAM, the condition of the road is very dangerous as road is running through narrow path on the steep slope. In SANGLA one can enjoy Banjara camps in Betsari village on the bank of river Baspa is really charming one. Other than Banjara Camps one can also stay at Hotels, Forest Department Guesthouse, and PWD Guesthouse.

The village. CHITKUL is located 26 km from SANGLA and 20km from Banjara Camps. - is the last village on the Indo-Tibetan trade and lies at the altitude of 3450 meters. As the village is just adjoining to Tibet, influence of Tibetan culture are seen here. The road from to SANGLACHITKUL surrounded with majestic unusual panorama, which are memorable. Trekking 4 kms from CHITKUL one reach to the last Indian outpost at NAGASTHI, beyond that post access is not allowed by army.

Due to tight program I was unable to Visit the beautiful place SANGLA. When I reached FAGU , a beautiful natural picturesque spot I got down from bus.

It is an interesting picnic spot located amongst forests and orchards only 19 km from Shimla. Here one small Temple, a Himachal govt. rest house & Potato research center are main structures. Some small restaurants are found near bus stop. Nothing but beauty of hills are worthy seeing.. But due to cloudy weather of July, I was unlucky to enjoy the natural beauty here. Actually the best season in this hilly region is April – June and September-November.

Then Came to KUFRI. It is famous for skiing, this is the place of winter games. During December to March the place is ideal for skiing on snow clad slope of hills. The spots to visit in KUFRI are Himalayan Nature Park and Indira Tourist Park. From the park one can enjoy majestic view of surrounding countryside. It is also famous for rock climbing and trekking. One can travels KURFI around KURFI by riding horseback. Trekkers can enjoy trekking & hiking through dense forest to reach MAHASU peak. The place is well connect to Shimla, Narkanda, Fagu and Rampur by road, due to its proximity to Shimla a large number of tourist visited the place.

After visiting KURFI, I came to WILD FLOPWER HALL, which is only 13 km from Shimla. The building at CHARABRA where Flower hall was attached earlier it was the residence of then British commander in chief Lord Kitchaner. To enter into the hall require ticket. The side of Hindustan – Tibet road, locates the hall and some shop, restaurant and Hotels are found here. Unfortunately I could not find the hall because it was badly damaged by fire in 1993. Before fire broke out , the building was run as hotel by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, and the new Hall was under construction. Whole the area is surrounding with far and deodar trees, which enhance the natural beauty. One would find “YAK” nearby which are exhibiting by local boys.

I started again by bus to reach Shimla. Through a circular road, crossing SANJOLI came to the govt. bus stand in the evening. Taking a little rest went out again, climbing stair reach my favorite place on Mall road. Walking & shopping on Mall really gives pleasure. Lazily walking here and there on mall, finally reached mall market place where I bought two jackets for my next tour to KULLU, MANALI, ROHTANG and LEH (Ladakh). It was then raining slightly, so to make the feeling more charming I entered a bar on side of Mall where I took 60 ml whisky and then walking in the rain reached my rest house.

Some more places of interest (Tourist spots) around SHIMLA which also travelers may visit are in brief :-

CHAIL: It located at a distance of 86 KMs from Kalka and 43 kms from Shimla. It was summer capital of Maharaja of Patiala. It is located at altitude of 7050 feet. Best time to travel the town is May-July and September-November. In this small town only a number of shops and hotels are found. Travelers may stay at suites, cottages and huts here. In log huts one can feel the nature closely living in the picturesque surroundings. Actually the town is consisting of three hills. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh built the world’s highest cricket ground here. Other interesting in CHAIL are the palaces of maharaja, one is built on RAJGARH hill, other for snow view is on PANDHEWA hill and the third one is SABBA TIBBA, which is the township of CHAIL. The place is also famous for rock climbing.

KASAULI : This town is well connected with all major north Indian cities. From Chandigarh and Kalka it is only one hour & one and half hour journey by road. One can visit the place any time as the weather is always pleasing throughout the year. Travelers can stay here at PWD rest house, Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation’s hotel and some pvt. Hotels. Some of the places of interest are a height point name MONKEY POINT, LAWRENCE SCHOOL at Sanawar and Temple NAHARI DEVI. From picturesque view of surrounding hills, valleys with winding SUTLEJ river are really amazing.

MASHOBRA: The small village MASHOBRA is located at a distance of about 13 km from Shimla on Shimla-Naldhera route. Here one can find Durga temple. Plesent treks through the forest. And a fair at SIPI is held every year.

BAROG : It is the high point on the Shivalik hills in Kalka – Shimla narrow gauge railway track at about 1500 m above sea level. It is located at a distance of 40 km from Shimla by road.BAROG is adjacent to Kalka Shimla highway, so it is well connect with Kalka and Shimla by road and also by toy train. Barog is famous for having longest railway tunnel in Kalka – Shimla section which is about 1140m long.

NALDHERA : The town is located at the altitude of 2.050m and at distance of approx. 22 kms. from Shimla. The main places of interest are famous oldest & highest Golf Course and an ancient NAG Temple.

TATTAPANI : The place is situated at a distance of 65 km from Shimla on the Shimla-Mandi highway and famous for hot water spring.

CRAIGANE : th proximity to Shimla , only 16 kms away is a ideal picnic spot . One can stay at the rest house on CRAIGANE hilltop, which is beautifully located with lawn and garden.

SALOGRA : This small town is located on National Highway & Railway station and well connected by toy train and road to Shimla and Kalka. KROL KA TIBBA is only 5 kms. From here. Walking & trekking surrounding the SALOGRA in solitude one feels something different here.

SHALI TIBBA: This is the highest peak in Shimla hills, specially the place is popular for trekkers. The place is located at a distance of 35 km from Shimla. Interested trekkers may make trekking arrangement from HPTDC office on Mall in Shimla. Travelers can approach the place by going unto MASHOBRA by bus and then by trekking. One can stay in guesthouse at KHATNOT a nearest village to SHALI TIBBA and also in hotels at MASHOBRA. Again one can shorten his journey by bus up to GULTTANI and thereafter trekking to the last village KHATNOT and finally Shalitibba.

HATKOTI : It is situated at a distance of approx. 105 km from Shimla. This stone temple HATKOTI is located on the bank of river PABAR near a small village name PARHAAT. It is the meeting (sangam ) place of river PABAR, BISHKULTI and RAANVATI. The hills in the valley name SUNPURI is also known ARDHNARISWAR and stone temple in the nearby hillocks with the idol of MAHISHASURMARDINI are some places of interest. The nearby KHARA PATTHER is popular for skiing and one may also visit GIRI GANGA from Khara Patther.

SARAHAN : This place is located at a distance of 175 kms from Shimla. This place is approached by going through some scenic spots like Fagu, Theog, Narkanda, and Rampur. The main temple of SARAHAN is BHIMA KAALI which has created in both style of Hindu and Buddhists. Travelers may stay at HPTDC run Hotel Srikand palace which is very popular here. Some snow wrapped peaks of Himalayas are enjoyable from here.

NIRMAND : The village is situated at ditance of 95 kms from Shimla. One also reach Shimla by road from Rampur. Travelers with spiritual mode may visit the holy place, At PARASRAM KOTI , one found CHANDIKA DEVI temple and DAKHANI MAHADEV temple at a little distance. This is the favorite place for saints (SADHUS) also known as KASHI OF HIMALAYAS. A large compound with facility of shelters was constructed in earlier times especially for saints. Apart from the pilgrimage importance, the place is very popular for trekking. The surrounding places of the village and through some nearby villages trekkers may approaches ARSU, BASHLEO, JALORI PASS and BANJAR

DARANGHATI SANCTUARY : This sanctuary is located at about of 60 km from Rampur by road. Total area is approx 27 sqr. Kms. Actually the sanctuary is divided into two units in the either side of mountain range name DHAULA DHAR. There are two villages in the sanctuary, but the surroundings are thickly populated with 26 villages. There are four rest houses within the sanctuary.

MAJATHAL SANCTUARY : It is about 75 kms from Shimla by road distance and fall within the district of Shimla. Total area is approx. 32 sqr kms. Within the sanctuary, there are 17 villages with less than 1000 population. Travelers may stay at rest house here. The sanctuary is extended up to Sutlej river in the north and mountain range in the south.

Luxurious tourist coaches for your dream holiday on the Kalka-Shimla section

The deluxe Rail Motor Car : The car will remind you of a bus of the Second World War vintage. it takes 4.25 hrs. to reach the destination Shimla from Kalka. It can carry 14 passengers at a time. The roof of the car is covered with transparent fibreglass for a clear view of sky and to feel passengers sitting in the open sky, especially feel the beauty of snowfall and raining but without getting soaked. Digital time-cum-temperature display unit, altimeter and route indication board gives valuable information while traveling.
The Shivalik Deluxe Express : The Shivalik Deluxe Express is a connecting rail service to Howrah-Kalka Mail for Shimla. The Shivalik Deluxe Express was commenced on the lines of the Shatabdi Express. With bay glass, wall-to-wall carpeting and with reversible cushioned chairs the express toy train can accommodates 120 passengers at a time, and reach its destination in 4.45 hrs. Sitting on reversible cushioned chair a passenger can enjoy the picturesque majestic view of countryside through the bay window. Your feeling of comfort will certainly spring up while meals are served in front of your table in the atmosphere of luminous lighting with background music. New married couples may have the option to book a cabin for this luxurious journey with privacy. The train attendant is always ready to serve all the need of the passengers; their service is really amicable. The charge of the dinner is included in ticket fare but the breakfast is served on complementary basis. The breakfast is served when the train starts from Kalka while dinner is served in the return journey from Shimla. The fare for both Deluxe Rail Motor Car and Shivalik Deluxe Express is 340 INR with a complimentary meal at the picturesque Railway Station Barog. There is also a facility of communication with guard of the train by microphone.

The Shivalik Palace (Tourist Coach) : The Shivalik Palace Tourist Coach exhibit the touch of royalty, a luxurious mood for a dream holiday. To feel the idea of royalty as well as conformability well-designed folding cushioned beds, cushioned chair, wall clock, dining table, dressing table, in short almost all things are provided in the coach. Again, a well-equipped kitchen and modern bathroom is also provided. A passenger can enjoy the journey by listening light music playing in the background. The journey will give you more feeling of royalty by the train attendant who is always busy to fulfill your little need. The tourist coach can be booked for a tariff of 4790 INR in the up and 3495INR in the down direction which also includes complimentary lodging of two luxurious retiring rooms at Shimla for the day and free meals enroute. The specialty of the coach is that this six seater booked coach can be attached with any train on Kalka – Shimla route.

The Shivalik Queen (Tourist Coach) : With ultramodern facilities the Shivalik Queen was introduced lately on the Kalka – Shimla section, specially for newly married couples who wishes to feel the beauty of landscapes and privacy at the same time. This luxury coach is divided into two portions consisting two couples each. This coach is also equipped with facilities and fittings like wall-to-wall carpeting, altimeter, fancy lightings etc to feel the journey in a luxurious environment. The big window can give you to access outside scenery. With the help of an alarm bell and a microphone one can communicate with driver or guard of the train in case of emergency.

Tourists who are interested to travel around Shimla .

Some available tour packages for tourists who are interested to travel around Shimla , generally conducted by different travel agencies in Shimla.

  • Tour No. 1 : Shimla - Kufri - Fagu - Chini Bunglow -Naldehra – Shimla. – It will cost approx. 200 INR per seat.
  • Tour No. 2 : Shimla - Fagu - Matiana - Narkanda – Shimla – It will cost approx. 250 INR per seat.
  • Tour No. 3 : Shimla - Kufri - Chail - Kiarighat - Shimla - It will cost approx. 250 INR per seat.
  • Tour No. 4 : Shimla - Naldehra - Tattapani - Shimla - 250 INR per seat.
  • Tour No. 5 : Shimla - Kufri - Fagu - ChiniBunglow - Shimla - It will cost approx. 175 INR per seat.

How to reach Shimla

Shimla is well connected by Air. Jubbarhatti airport in Shimla is connected with major airports at Delhi, Chandigarh, Kullu to the nearby important cities in the plain.

Shimla is also well connected by rail with rest of the country.
Kalka is the main broad gauge railway station near Shimla. From Kalka several narrow gauge
( Toy) trains are scheduled for Shimla. Again, from Shimla Toy trains are timed with main broad gauge railway trains to Kalka, which are further connected with cities of the rest of the country.

Good national highways connects New Delhi , Chandigarh, Shimla Kullu and Manali. Several deluxe bus services are available in summer season from Delhi to Shimla. Again by bus one can travel to Kullu, Manali and Rohtang from Shimla .

Within Shimla city - Tourist interests

On 5th July , I reached Shimla in the evening.

Shimla is the queen of all hill stations. Shimla is a ideal place for those who are searching tranquility. It is situated in the northwest side of Himalayas, is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla was declared the summer capital of India in 1864. After India’s independence. At present, Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and now become a favorite place for shooting romantic scene in movies

In Shimla railway holiday home/rest houses of northern railway /railway board are available near Shimla railway station. I had booked a room of subordinate rest house from IOW office and stayed there. But condition and maintenance was very poor. Actually I had a mind to stay in Shimla Kalibari rest house. So, keeping my luggage I went out towards Shimla Kalibari . Reaching there on foot, had darshan Kali mataji and went to temple office where I was informed that rooms and beds were available. I came out and began walking through Mall road, gradually walking descending to circular (cart) road , walking a little more crossing railway station entered rest house at about 10 pm in the night.

On 6th July morning I went out of the rest house to see this beautiful queen city. I began to walk through cart road towards main town. After a while, came to a place where an ascending road started in left side , this is Mall road approaches to scandal point, general post office, Christ Church and Shimla Kalibari. The Mall road was constructed by British, and for precautions ban entry of vehicles on the road were taken so that the road does not affected. In the side of road , a number of stores, showrooms, shops, restaurants and cafes are situated very densely. Here you can find all kind of handicraft products of Himachal Pradesh. Market on Mall road is famous for its wooden furniture. The Mall road is very long and beautifully located on Shimla hill, it attracts tourists for surrounding picturesque beauty and make anyone stay here for whole day long. This Mall road is going to shopping center at Mall market and tourism’s lift point. The Mall is the main shopping centre of the Shimla and always bustling with tourists.

Ridge is an open space in the high busy road from where one can view excellent mountain ranges. Another point where the Mall joins the Ridge is Scandal Point, a statue of Lala Lajpat Rai found here. The Scandal Point is situated at the end point of the Mall road in Shimla attracts large number of tourists for majestic picturesque view of countryside.

The Christ Church is located on the Mall. The church is the second oldest church in Northern India. It is an example of classic art of British structures. Shimla general post office also situated on Mall which was constructed beautifully by wood and having its own Tonga mail delivery system in Shimla. Kali Bari temple, which is located on Mall was constructed in the year 1845. It is believed that earlier the name Goddess Kali was Goddess Shyamala and the shrine of Goddess Shyamala had located in Jakhu hill and subsequently brought to this new site.

Shimla City is located on hill top , so all the major places such as Mall, Ridge, Kali Bari, Lakkar Bazaar are also located on Mall. If any one go to these places one has to walk on foot by climbing from the ring road to Mall Again, one can uses HP tourism’s lift facility to reach Mall from cart road. This Lift is connected the high Mall road to lower Cart road near taxi stand. Here between Mall road and Card road in the slope of the hill situated Lower Bazar. Crossing Lift where Mall road is divided into two is the market place worthy for buyers. In the opposite side is Lakkar bazaar and one bus stand. But the main bus stand is located on the Cart road, popularly known as Govt. bus stand.

Other tourist interest within the town in 10 km in ranges are :

Jahkoo hill : The peak is located at about 2 km from the city and it is Shimla’s highest peak at a height of about 2455 metres, offers a panoramic view of the town. Hanuman Temple is also situated here.

Himachal State Museum: The Himachal state museum is located at about 3 km from the city centre. It has some good collection of statues, miniatures, coins, photos and other items from and around Himachal Pradesh.

Prospect Hill : Another picnic spot situated amidst the excellent views of the surrounding countryside. From Boileauganj it is 15 minutes walking distance. And it is about 5 km from Shimla.
Glen :The forests is located at a distance of about 4 km from the Ridge at a heaight of 1830 metres. It is the most popular picnic spot in the city, a stream flows through this dense forest adding more charming to the picnic spot.
Summer Hill: This picturesque spot is situated on the Shimla-Kalka narrow gauge railway line at a height of 1983 metres which is about 7 km from the city. This place is appropriate for pleasant shady walks in quiet surroundings. The Himachal Pradesh University is also situated here.
The Indian Institute of Advance Studies : About 4 kilometres from the city lies the Indian Institute of Advance Studies. Magnificent English renaissance structure, the lawns and woodland of the institute are the sources of attractions.
Chadwick fall: From Summer Hill , it is about 45 minutes walking distance. The fall is located in the dense forest and it is about 7 km from the Shimlacity .
Sankat Mochan :Sankat Mochan is a temple is dedicated Lord Hanuman which is located on the road to Chandigarh at about 7 km from Shimla. One can have a fine picturesque view of Shimla from here.
Taradevi Temple: Tara Devi temple is a Hindu version of the Tibetan Goddess Drolma, the temple lies at about 11 km from Shimla on the Shimla-Kalka narrow gauge railway line.

Kalka to Shimla by toy train - Enjoy en route the majestic Himalayan countryside.

Whole the day of 4th July I was in Train. NorthEast Express was running for destination Delhi. I enjoyed the journey by train very much .

On 5th July’94, early in the morning at about 4 o’clock reached New Delhi railway station. The train was 6 hour late from its schedule time. Washing mouth entered another platform where Himalayan Queen was placed. The train was chair car, no berth only for sitting where one
chair was already reserved for me. At 6 hrs train started and left New Delhi, gradually left behind one by one Ambala, Chandigarh at last reached Kalka at 11.10 hrs in the morning.

Reaching Kalka went to the opposite side where two toy train were standing on narrow gauge track. One toy train was first class chair car schedule to departure at 11.40 hrs and as I like to travel by second class train got in , which was scheduled to leave Kalka at 12.40 hrs. The best train for Shimla is Shivalik Deluxe Express which leave Kalka in the morning.

Some important train from Kalka to Shimla

Train No. Train Name Departure

  • 1 KS Passenger Kalka Shimla Passenger 04.00 AM
  • 241 NG Superfast Shivalik Deluxe Express 05.30 AM
  • 251 Mail Kalka Shimla Mail 06.00 AM
  • 255 Express Himalayan Queen Express 12.40 PM
  • 101 Rail Motor Car Rail Motor car 11.40 AM

From shivalik foot hills at Kalka to Shimla by toy train one can experience the grandeur of the picturesque Himalayas through some important spots up to Shimla. Route towards Shimla is gradually ascending , train was moving in zigzag way like sneak . Sitting by the side of the window, whole bending train was clearly visible amidst the beautiful landscape of nature. It was very incredible journey to me. Traveling by toy train delighted, if you traveling for the first time. This journey is comparable with the journey by toy train from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling .

But one special addition here, 107 nos. of tunnels, through which in frequent darkness one gets more excitement. Sitting by the window, I saw whole the train from engine to its end when running on a curve before entering into the tunnel - my joys knew no bounds, really it was a great scenery to remember. Suddenly, for a while we were in complete darkness, loud noise of passengers made a strange feeling, the screaming was continued until left the tunnel. In the same way, we were passing one after another tunnel with cheerful voice of passengers.

In spite of this cloudy and rainy day I was enjoyed very much. A group of boys who were inhabitant of Shimla became friend and gossiped a lot about the town Shimla.

Kalka-Shimla-Railway runs through 107/103 tunnels, 87 bridges, 900 curves and 20 railway stations. Among the tunnels that the train passes, only four tunnels are big ones - Barog, Koti, Tara Devi and Tunnel no 103.

New friends in the compartment told that some of these tunnels has interesting stories. The longest tunnel in this route is at Barog (1144 meters long) which was named after a engineer of construction and the tunnel consumed the blood of the engineer who apparently committed suicide after making a mistake in laying the alignment of the roué

Another tale was about tunnel at Taradevi which was built by cutting through a hill. Temple of Goddess Taradevi is situated on the peak of the hill , local superstition tells that the Goddess would never permit the construction of tunnel. A huge serpent came out of the tunnel to stop the work.

From Taradevi Temple one can enjoy a stunning view of Shimla town. In the night the sight of the glittering lights is really thrilling experience. During the winters season the forest and slopes surroundings the temple are laden with snow.

I was gradually leaving behind beautifully decorated hilly Railway Stations one by one. Railway station are built at some important spots as Dharampur, Solang, Kandaghat, Taradevi, Barog, Salogra, Summerhill, Shimla and one last spot near the towering peaks. Among them Summer Hill, Solang, Taradevi etc are worthy seeing. I took many photographs, even standing on engine keeping whole the toy train in my background took a snap. A gentleman told that I took a good photograph. In the compartment, I along with new friends were talking many things, they advised and were very helpful, I took a snap with one of the Himachal boy.

Thus, finally at about 6-45 pm in the evening I had reached Shimla railway station.

Beauty in diversity - Started off from Guwahati4Shimla

3rd July’1994

On this day I began to travel by rail (NorthEast Express) from Kamakhya (Guwahati) with a intention to tour in Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh (Kashmir). Today train was 4 hrs. late . My traveling started at about 1.45 pm in the noon.

In the midst of heavy rain I was waiting for train, got totally wetted. At last, when train arrived all doors and windows were closed. After knocking and facing some difficulties, somehow got to occupy my reserved seat.

Then, I was tried to forget everything, began to taste the pleasure of journey in mind. Traveling alone is really exciting and extra ordinary experience seldom one can acquire. Here I can get enough undisturbed moment to consume through my eyes and heart, facing obstacles and resolves by own initiative. Perfection - you can acquired to some extend. Toleration would enhanced and adaptability would be more. You could embrace the unknown world without fear.

Some people thoughts fool traveling alone. But don’t know, why they think so. Traveling itself means - gathering experience in new, out of usual place, friends, relatives and daily life. Know the vast world a little.

Go out for some days alone and try to understand the other’s things, place, custom etc and return back home as a reformed individual. Outlook would certainly renovate. Be a whole being, respect the other thoughts, though may have different views, in some places it may be even opposite. Just imagine, how the creations of God varies in places, states, countries, and what might be in the entire universe! If there would no diversity, would no beauty. Imagine how beautiful our world is! It may say “Beauty in diversity

(To be continue....)

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